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It's easy to get down thinking about the negative impacts of today's world--full to the brim with pollutants, stress and all sorts of chemicals. Our incredible bodies do an amazing job at self-detoxing, but it's vital to be in tune with your body and know when it needs help. A cold-pressed juice cleanse is an amazing way to help your system fight off toxins, help restore balance, and boost your metabolism. By removing the fibre, your digestive system can take a break and you can easily absorb the micronutrients flooding your system. A cleanse is the ideal me-time, an opportunity to do something for yourself, for your body, and even your soul. And you'll quickly see all these positive internal effects are mirrored on the outside--skin clears up, hair shines. However, some people don’t really know when it’s time to start this healing process, so here’s 7 telltale signs your body needs a detox asap:


  1.     Fatigue – Imagine this: you just had a full-night’s sleep and you still feel sluggish and tired. That can very well be the result of toxins acting on your nervous system and decreasing alertness or perhaps a simple lack of vitamins. Either way an array of raw cold-pressed juices can help get your back on track.

  2.     Decreased Alertness – Getting bored occasionally with monotonous tasks is normal. However, when you absolutely need tons of caffeine to just get you through a day – that may very well be a sign you need to consider a cleanse and then integrating a cold-pressed juice into your daily life and replacing your coffee with a Hot Shot. 

  3.     Insomnia – According to our body’s circadian rhythm the liver, which acts as our main safeguard and filter against toxins is most active between 2 – 4 a.m., so naturally if it’s working overtime it’s going to keep you up and agitated at night. This may be an ideal time to cleanse. Imbibery's final "juice" on our cleanse is a Cashew Mylk. Cashews are rich with magnesium which helps relax muscle and nerve function and regulate heart rhythm. 

  4.     Water retention and weight loss resistance – It’s no secret --some chemicals have properties that allow them to pull water through the cell’s membrane. In some cases it’s great, but when it comes to some elements like various nitrates and salts the amount of water they store inhibits the normal functioning of the organism at a cellular level and slows down metabolism, creating weight loss problems. A cleanse is a surefire way to reduce bloat and water retention.

  5.     Moodiness and mood swings – Your mood is largely dependent on hormonal balance in the body. Just imagine what havoc toxins can have on such a delicate system. If you’re feeling angry or overly sad for no apparent reason or just very often, consider a cleanse.

  6.     Excessive sweating – Sweat is notorious for being able to rid you of excess toxins. But you can’t rely simply on sweat for the job as you risk an electrolyte imbalance for over-sweating. If you find yourself sweating a little too much it may be your liver calling for help.

  7.     Sensitivity to Scents – Notice getting more sensitive to fragrances and aromas? Do they make you turn your nose and/or sick. Maybe you’re just nauseous in general? All these are also signs your body needs a cleanse as it’s oversaturated with chemicals and just wants a break to recover.

If you’re experiencing any of these 7 signs, why not give your body a hand and enjoy an easy, fresh and delicious method to cleanse? Why is fresh juice important in this process? 

It simply helps and supports your liver by providing vast amounts of antioxidants to counter all the free radicals that arise during the natural filtering process. Consuming natural sources of vitamins C and E, flavonoids, and carotenoids, helps neutralise free radicals. Not to mention the vast nutritious benefits drinking 6 raw cold-pressed juices a day provide to the whole organism on its own merit every day.

All our Imbibery Love,
The Imbibery Team,

April 04, 2017

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