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"London Fashion Week can be very tiring so it’s time to have a major detox and cut down on the parties. Imbibery juices are my go-to and they are also extremely delicious."

 — Rosie Fortescue, Evening Standard

"Thanks to Imbibery, a London-based cold-pressed juice company, we have the 6 nutritious ingredients you need to start to incorporating into your meals or juices this season. Aside from the possibility of helping with your flu, these ingredients are super healthy and body-fuelling in general."

 — Ali Pantony,Red Online

"This week kicked off with a one day cleanse from Imbibery. It was the perfect way to start the week as this week has been manic so it left me feeling fresh and full of energy! The juices are beyond delicious too."

 — Rosie Fortescue, Evening Standard

"If, like us, you've over-indulged (again) this Christmas, then try Meryl Zises and Lily Rogath's nutrient-packed 'mylks' (pressed juices with a creamy texture). So, that's resolution number one."

 — Jaeger Journal

"The best-looking juices in town, which you can order online or pick up at Psycle after a sweaty stint of spinning. The Spicy Limeade is lovely and thirst-quenching; The Mind Mylk (almond milk with matcha) is made for a mid-afternoon slump."

 — Tatler 

"Often seen in the hands of celebrities, Imbibery juices have a bit of a cult following. These are the en vogue juices and the best thing is that you can design your own cleanse."

 — Kathleen Fleming, About Time

"This is healthier cocktails but to a whole other level….and I love it."

 — Natalie Glaze

 "Loved all of these, especially the Cashew Milk as it’s luxurious, nourishing texture is comparable to a full fat Lucky 7 milkshake."

 — the Antidote

 "I think it is safe to say my experience cleansing with Imbibery was an absolute pleasure. These have been by far my favourite juice and mylks I have ever tasted. It just shows that the dedication of the team to spend time perfecting their juices has paid off!"

 — Charlotte, Clean Eats Charlotte

 "We LOVE that Imbibery have teamed up with Belvedere vodka to make the perfect cold-pressed cocktail! Now drinking can be guilt-free."

 — Olivia Murphy, Inner Me

"I think Imbibery juices are full of flavour and a good healthy, tasty juice to grab on the go!"

 — Healthy Living London

"The whole vibe of Imbibery London gets us positively amped up! We love their enthusiasm, passion, and most of all we love their juice."

 — Welltodo

"My very first detox cleanse was an interesting and enjoyable one, and now I know these juices are not a fad and does indeed ‘flush out the toxins’ I will start to incorporate a three day detox cleanse with every change of season, just to give my body a bit of a reboot."

 — This Woman's Word

"Our favourite by far was Green Juice. This is made from raw fresh spinach, cucumber, celery, apple and lemon. It was very refreshing and had a pleasant taste. One can imagine easily integrating this juice into everyday life after a period of detoxing."

 — SLOAN! Magazine


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